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there was something a guy said awhile ago
i wish i had gotten the exact quote
about how i can adapt to any group
that i can survive anywhere

it's maybe the most insightful thing anyone has said about me to date

even with that said,
i know i still don't belong here
and i don't belong with them
just passing through life
like always

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i keep staring at the empty box
where did all the words go

it's so easy to go from feeling connected
to feeling lost

in an instant
that connection to life has vanished

maybe that's why i keep pulling myself deeper
away from the connection of people
of human emotion and misery i can't stand
and try to find a connection in life instead

i don't think it's working
there's too much noise
too much complaining
and too much pain

i'll keep trying though
what else is there?

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the dream is shattered
but i don't know if i should care
i've been off kilter for awhile
and i think i am finally back on track
back to realizing that i can be happy
without three out of three
or if not happy
at least content with my choices
content with the things i cannot change


I haven't written in here in FOREVER.
Should probably change that.

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Dad's cancer is back.
Well THE cancer is back.
Waiting to hear if it the same that originated in his throat,
or a new breed that's been found in his mouth.
FML and my family's.
Life can really be an asshole when it wants to be.
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So he   does love me.
He even told me so.
I love him too.
Life is good.

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everything is changing.

I love when he kisses my shoulder. Maybe when we're in bed and he turns to me, wraps his arms around me and kisses my bare shoulder once, twice. Maybe randomly, unexpectedly, kissing my shoulder through my shirt. For some reason, I think it's an utmost sign of affection, and one that seems so intimate. Which, in a sense, is a bit strange. I never thought of a shoulder being all that special. Just a shoulder, nothing more than that. But my shoulder being kissed makes my heart swell to bursting.

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Oh, hey!
As of today I am making this Public for the
first time in I have no F'ing clue how many
years. I guess I just don't care anymore.
Unless it's totally "friends-only worthy",
everything's "Public". I suppose this means
I have to start using this again. With my life
lately, it shouldn't be a problem. I don't know
why I haven't come back here sooner ♥


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